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There is something that makes many peoples eyes mist over when they see the magic words “FREE SOFTWARE!”.
Immediately they download and install it, without a moments thought as to wether it will be actually any use or not.

Top of the list of favourites are utility programs, we have all seen them where they promise to do wonders to the speed of your computer.
Quite often they put as much junk on your machine as they claim to remove, especially when you uninstall them.

So here is a list of what we think are the best in free software in no particular order, all those listed here are, or have been in regular use
on  the machines we use.

One thing you wont find listed are registry cleaners, in our years of experience we have found they can cause more problems then they
allegedly claim to cure, certainly in both Vista and Windows 7 we have found no registry cleaner make any difference to speed. The disk
cleanup program supplied with all flavours of Windows is all we tend to use.

As always please note we accept NO responsibility for any problems with any of the software, nor do we take responsibility for anything
you may do with the software. Just because we like it does not mean you will.

VLC Media Player                        Simple play almost any format audio and video player.

Mozilla Firefox                             The browser of choice here on Windows machines, on the main Mac machine we have Safari.

Mozilla Thunderbird                   This is the one we use on all Windows Machines.

Auslogics disk defrag                 A good free alternative to the program that comes with the various versions of Windows.

Malwarebytes                               Effective piece of software for malware removal, daily updates.
All copyright is acknowledged in the above names and software. All links are provided in good faith and are to the site offering official versions of the listed software.